The management of volunteers during the emergency Covid-19 – Case Study in Arbedo Castione

The Municipality of Arbedo Castione relies on DOS Group and the Momentum app to coordinate and manage volunteers during the Covid-19 emergency.

Notification System to communicate with citizens: why is so useful for Local Organizations.

Do you know how much important is for local organizations to have a notification system to inform a community of citizens?

Conference call: 7 good reasons to use these within your organization

Do you know the advantages of implementing a conference call system? There are 7 good reasons why your organization can't do without it.

Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft

Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft join the CH Responder program.

Coronavirus in Switzerland: are healthcare facilities ready to face it?

Are healthcare facilities ready to face COVID-19? We indentified three situations faced by chinese hospitals during the spread of the virus and their responsiveness

Cantons Nidwalden and Uri join the Momentum family

Even Cantons Nidwalden and Uri have decided to create a “First Responder System” and to adopt Momentum for the management of cardiac arrest.

CH Responder: the national app for First Responders

CH Responder is the first swiss national app developed to allow lay first responders to intervene in case of cardiac arrest both in the Bern and the Solothurn Canton.

The Canton of Basel Stadt and positive effects of using Momentum : a year later

The positive effects of the implementation of the Momentum software in just a year in the Canton of Basel

Canton of Baselland, Geneva, and Jura choose Momentum

Canton of Baselland, Geneva, and Jura have chosen Momentum to improve the rescue chain of lay rescuers who help victims affected by sudden cardiac arrest.

Can food-riders improve the chain of survival to rescue cardiac arrest victims?

Following an article published on Resuscitation Journal, we have launched a provocation: can food-riders improve the chain of survival and rescue out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

Canton of Jura joins the Momentum family

The Republic and Canton of Jura and the Fondation ReaJura have decided to adopt Momentum to increase and improve the rescue chain of voluntary First Responders.

Momentum at the Save a Life launch event

Momentum in Geneva for the launch of Save a Life, the App developed to assist First Responders in the Canton.

CFR-Symposium: thank you!

Momentum at CFR-Symposium in Greifswald has been decreed as the most innovative and advanced app in Europe!

Momentum takes part in the Symposium to Community First Responders

Momentum takes part at Symposium in Germany as one of the best App in Europe to save victims hits by sudden cardiac arrest.

Momentum app to save lives in Tessin.

Corriere del Ticino has published a piece of news that describes what it means to have an APP to manage emergencies for cases of extra-hospital cardiac arrests.

What does it mean to understand the security needs of a corporate?

Read how our Solution Architect with a "Design Thinking" workshop and his experience in the Agile Methodology can understand the corporate security needs.

Cardiac Arrest: women have less chance of survival than men

Why women do not receive help promptly in case of cardiac arrest than to men? Read the report and find out the causes.

The silent effects of using a F.R. network to cardiac arrest cases

Will it be possible to resume a 50% of people affected by a cardiac arrest in Ticino? Read the report of Ticino Cuore Foundation.

A predictive model saves more lives

Can Ticino be the first region with a predictive model to prevent and predict cardiac arrests in the region?

Momentum App: a new era of Emergency Management Service

Comparison between the SMS system and Momentum App to reach the emergency site for the First Responder.

TeleZuri talks about us

On Wednesday 6 February, the tv station of Zurich TeleZüri broadcasted a service that talks about our software Momentum and the management of cardiac arrest interventions.

DOS Group will take part of IoT Day 2019

DOS Group will take part of Internet of Things day 2019 by Swisscom, organized to 24 January 2019 at World trade Center in Leutschenbachstraße in Zurigo.

Internet of things: DOS Group rides on innovation.

DOS Group tests IoT applications and solutions and is one of the few companies involved in the creation of intelligent technological solutions.

Momentum joins SigFox Partner Network

DOS Group strengthens its partnership with SigFox and obtains the certified product status of SigFox.