The platform for the management of emergencies and critical events

Identify, alert, and accelerate response to events that impact people, places, organizations, and communications systems quickly, accurately, and reliably. 

Modular system

This approach allows you to adapt the software to your needs and requirements.

A modular system adaptable to any situation
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Matching algorithm

Momentum allows you to select and alarm the most suitable person for the intervention, at the right time.

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Momentum can integrate with all CAD platforms and third-party systems.


SaaS : scalable and agile

Our Service-As-A-Service (SaaS) services offer solutions to manage and resolve emergency situations and critical processes. A highly efficient solution that allows you to have everything you need in a single tool. 

Micro-Services Approach

The Momentum team developed the platform with a micro-services-based approach, in order to facilitate scalability and development of additional applications faster and easier. With the micro-services architecture, each feature is autonomous and can be developed, deployed, scaled, or replaced without affecting the operation of other components.   

Shared Vs Dedicated

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Companies and institutions have the opportunity to share Momentum’s web platform with each other. For each one, however, there is a personal mobile app, which allows its users to access and receive alerts.  In this way, you have a highly functional solution at an advantageous price. 

dedicated platform


An organization has its own web platform and Momentum mobile application where it can manage alarms, differentiating users by specific response groups. With a dedicated solution, the organization has the possibility to manage, through a single platform, all the services purchased. 

Reports and Data Analytics

The Momentum platform offers customers a data extraction and processing service so as to support companies in the processing of statistical and market analysis or to simplify and speed up the management of a state of emergency or crisis.