Momentum Fleet Tracking can be applied to multiple fields

In the emergency industry, Momentum is currently used by public order forces to monitor vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, rapid response vehicles, fire trucks…

Being so easy to implement and to maintain, Momentum Cheap Fleet Tracking is the all-in-one solution for every company that has vehicles and work in the logistics industry.

From SMEs to large enterprises: Momentum Fleet Tracking is the cost-effective fleet monitoring software that you need.

How does it work

Rescue and Safety

Momentum Fleet Tracking is widely used to dispatch rescue and safety vehicles. It is used to assign missions to ambulances, police cars, firefighters vehicles, and to track them throughout the Journey.

Delivery Services

Get a complete overview of your delivery man and assist them under any circumstances. Plan their tasks with maximum flexibility in order to optimize time and costs.


Momentum Fleet Tracking lets you always know where your trucks are and it puts you in direct communication with the drivers. All while giving priority to safety.

Company Vehicles

Is your company managing several cars? How do you monitor costs and efficiency? Momentum Fleet Tracking makes things easier. See on a map where your cars are and save money.

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