Advanced group management.


This module lets you create and configure an unlimited number of groups for any type of mission.

WEB CONSOLE  Administrator

     Central Operator




By enabling the Advanced Group Management module, the administrator can manage groups of volunteer and professional first responders from the same platform.

The administrator may also:

  • Create and configure groups with specific settings for any type of mission
  • Create public groups that can be selected or deselected by resolvers
  • Assign public or private groups to resolvers
  • Define the minimum and maximum number of resolvers per group
  • Configure reserve groups per group
  • Configure the ringtone and the color of the notification per group
  • Configure custom emails per group to resolvers / supervisors at the end of a mission

This module also allows you to reduce OPEX costs, as you can resell services related to group alarms for professionals.


Central Operator

By activating the Advanced Group Management module the central operator can create missions manually for a single group or for several groups, receiving a warning if the minimum number of selected resolvers is not reached within a given time frame.

In this case the central operator can proceed to alert one or
more reserve groups in case additional resolvers are needed.



By activating the Advanced Group Management module, the resolver can select or deselect the public groups for which they want to be alerted and set an alarm notification with a recognizable ringtone. By activating this module, the resolver can also receive an alert notification and participate in missions involving an assigned private or public group.

Use cases:

TagCaso1   TagCaso2   TagCaso3

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