Conference call: 7 good reasons to use these within your organization


March 18, 2020

What are your reasons for organising a meeting with your staff? Prevent a critical event and better coordinate the response? Collaborate and communicate with the team for a specific job? Facilitate understanding and learning about a specific task? Shorten distances and reduce costs for company travel?

One of the most important requirements for a successful company is effective communication. The lack of adequate communication in an organization hinders productivity and gives rise to various problems. Indeed, the appropriate measure and nature of the interaction between employers, staff and customers constitute the backbone of any business.

Call conferences are such a simple and inexpensive tool that they offer a multitude of benefits to optimize business productivity. Connect multiple people simultaneously, allowing them to communicate beyond geographical barriers and time constraints while saving valuable time and expense. Moreover, it does not compromise the efficiency of a meeting, it does not require a lot of basic knowledge of the world of computer science and can be installed in a short time.

What are the reasons for an organization to implement a conference call system?

In order to better understand how important, it is for a company to have a conference call system, we have identified 7 reasons why you should implement it and not do without it anymore.

1. The conference call system is reliable and very secure

There is no risk that your valuable or sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands because a conference call tool ensures absolute call security. All content remains confidential if you choose the right provider and evaluate its security features.

2. Facilitates response and coordination during an emergency

One of the biggest advantages of using a conference call system is that during an emergency it reduces the response time needed to assemble a team when time is critical. Our company has always implemented conference call systems for hospitals and companies that need to coordinate intervention teams to respond effectively to an emergency or a critical event that could threaten business continuity or the health of citizens.

3. Improve collaboration between departments and increase individual productivity

With the continued spread of Coronavirus cases and the tightening of prevention measures introduced by various national governments, companies are favoring remote work in order not to lose productivity. For these companies, the conference call is of paramount importance because it improves collaboration between people, increases individual productivity and exponentially reduces distances.

4. Minimizes misunderstanding 

How much time do we waste having meetings on our meetings because during the first one we didn’t receive clarification or solutions? The conference call ensures effective communication and information sharing in real time and reduces misunderstandings.

5. It helps you reach more people at the same time

A conference call service can reserve up to 50 participants for a small business and up to 3000 people worldwide for an executive conference. This means that all staff and clients can be brought together in one call.

6. The conference call is extremely convenient

It saves valuable time that is lost in travel as it can be conducted from almost anywhere; be it your office or even your home. Participants can call from landlines, mobile phones or public phones. It is also versatile, which means that it can be organized according to your company’s needs without being as demanding as a real face-to-face meeting. Remote employees can easily collaborate and actively interact with their team.

7. Frequent and effective communication 

Conference calls do not require your presence in the office. If a meeting is late, you can continue your work until everyone joins the conference.


If you have not yet implemented the conference call as a means of communication, your company is missing out on the countless advantages it can offer you.
DOS Group, with Momentum’s ecosystem, helps companies, public organizations and healthcare facilities implement conference call systems that help coordinate intervention teams to respond quickly to an emergency situation, improve the effectiveness of corporate communication, increase productivity of each individual team, and reduce unnecessary travel costs.