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A person is injured in the mountains

A climber calls local emergency services and says that he has been injured on the head through rock fall. Local emergency services dispatch mountain rescuers through the Momentum application to administer medical first aid and bring the climber to safety.

He receives an alarm notification with mission overview

Philippe receives a push message on his Momentum mobile app. By clicking on it, he can see all relevant mission information in the Momentum mobile app and can view the mission location together with the surrounding topography on a map.

He communicates his availability status

According to the group of rescuers Philippe belongs to, he can communicate one out of several availability statuses to the operations centre and other rescuers. At this stage, he sees other mountain rescuer’s positions and statuses on a map.

If he is selected or refused he receives a notification

Philippe receives a push notification on his mobile phone once he has been selected to be in the mission by the operations centre. He can also be refused for the mission, in the case of which he also receives a push message.

He alerts the right mountain rescuers according to mission type

Philippe is capable of alarming other rescuers himself through the mobile app. Depending on the mission type, he can select generic groups that he wants to alarm or custom groups of rescuers.  

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