Why Momentum

A solution to respond promptly to emergencies.

The Momentum platform allows the interaction and exchange of information between software and humans, in order to increase effectiveness and improve the coordination of an organization's resources. When a critical situation arises, having a defined process helps save lives, resources, time and money. Momentum software allows organizations to automate and improve response and response during an emergency, reducing the economic impact on the community and their business. 

Our platform allows our customers to focus on their goal.
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Momentum platform is based on a modular approach, in order to provide our customers with a solution that is always scalable, highly performing and continuously updated. The modular approach allows to have a continuous improvement of the production process and to provide a reliable, safe and efficient application.

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The Momentum ecosystem provides constantly curated and updated solutions, taking advantage of all possible integrations.

New integrations with the Momentum ecosystem:

  • VR / AR for training 
  • Microsoft Power BI for Data Analytics
  • IoT solutions for managing isolated workers 

Momentum’s reliability and its aptitude for innovation are the reasons why 14 Swiss cantons and several other institutions work with us to improve their operational performance and to build effective emergency management plans. 

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