Large-Scale Retail Trade

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Business Internal Safety

Organizations active in the field of large-scale distribution may be affected by different critical events or emergency situations. For example, adverse weather conditions and natural disasters such as floods or fires can cause slowdowns in the supply chain.  To mitigate the damage generated by these critical events, companies engaged in large-scale distribution must have an emergency management plan.

Momentum Business Internal Safety’s solution for critical event management helps to detect dangerous events quickly, protect people and infrastructure from possible damage. 


Act preventively

Manage emergencies and evacuations, provide guidance, and send updates, messages, emails, and SMS proactively. 

Collaborate and communicate

Communicate quickly with your audience and increase collaboration between internal rescue teams. 

Have everything under control

Monitor everything through the Momentum web console: from incident management and critical alarms to mass communications. 

Asset Monitoring

With the integration of IoT sensors and the Fleet Management solution, you can monitor all the resources of the organization. 

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The large-scale retail industry needs a secure and highly reliable solution for handling unexpected critical events. Momentum software allows you to deal with any event proactively, providing all the tools to respond to crises.