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Business Operation Optimization

Organizations engaged in providing public utility services have a fundamental role within our society. For this reason, when an emergency occurs that requires an immediate release of an alarm, organizations must rely on an internal control and risk management system that can immediately generate critical communications. 

With the Momentum Business Operation Optimization solution, we help oil, gas and energy supply organizations manage emergencies, monitor assets and safeguard isolated employees. 


Preventing so as not to react

Prevent critical incidents that can threat people’s safety and business continuity by automating the sending of emergency communications to response teams. 

Monitor to protect

It uses sensors and connected devices to monitor the clinical condition of isolates and production facilities to prevent disruption in service delivery. 

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Keep your employees and community safe

Momentum Business Operation Optimization solutions allow you to communicate in a timely and efficient manner with internal staff, security managers, managers and citizens through different internal and external communication channels (e.g., smartphones, e-mails, landlines, SMS, Pager).