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Generic Notification System

States, municipalities, and public administrations are increasingly struggling with the digitization of public administration. 

These changes introduce communication and collaboration tools that can make these processes simple and reliable. 

With Momentum Generic Notification System we provide public administrations with a tailor-made tool able to meet the needs of effective communication with their citizens and to simplify the management of emergency communications both with rescue personnel and with internal staff. 


Better communication and collaboration

Simplify and automate the sending of messages, documents, and appointments through the Momentum app. 

Simplified critical event handling

Manage all kinds of critical alarms and increase the safety and security of people and infrastructure. 

Digitization of public administration

Momentum makes public administration digital, reduces costs and simplifies the relationship between citizen and administration. 

Monitor any resource with IoT

Momentum allows to monitor any IoT object, connecting the physical world to the digital one. 

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Better communication for public safety

When a critical event occurs, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack, communicating early can make all the difference. Momentum software allows to send emergency messages to citizens, mitigating the impact that the event could have on public safety. In addition, it is possible to alert all emergency managers, professional rescuers and rescue teams and activate response plans to critical events. 

The Municipality of Arbedo Castione relies on Momentum to manage the requests for assistance of the most fragile people

In order to always guarantee maximum assistance and help the people most exposed to covid-19, the Municipality of Arbedo Castione decided to rely on DOS Group and use Momentum’s software to respond in a timely and reliable way to all requests received from citizens in case of need.