momentum for industry and transportation

Business Operation Optimization

Transport and logistics organizations play a vital role in ensuring that travelers, goods and work material arrive at their destination quickly and safely. 

A breakdown, damage or complete loss of load are unforeseen events that can happen at any time. To avoid compromising business productivity and the health of passengers, organizations rely on systems that automate safety alarm notification procedures. 

The Momentum Business Operation Optimization solution helps managers receive information quickly, emergency management teams to be alerted promptly and to coordinate with other rescue teams and vehicles. 


Act preventively

Management of emergencies and evacuations by sending updates, messages, e-mails and SMS in a preventive way. 

Collaborate and communicate professionally

Communicate quickly with the public about critical situations with digital communication systems. 

Have everything under control

Monitoring of any operation through the Momentum web console: from the management of incidents and critical alarms to the sending of mass communications. 

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Protect people and assets

Momentum Business Operation Optimization helps organizations increase operational efficiency and maintain business continuity in crisis or emergency situations. 

The Federazione Cantonale Ticinese Servizi Autoambulanze (FCTSA) has chosen Momentum to optimize the management of rescue operations.

Momentum Fleet Management helps FCTSA save costs and increase safety by automatically optimizing the route, providing complete and recent trip data, and keeping parties on board and at the scene of the emergency informed and notified.