Alarms the team of professionals

most suitable for the intervention

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Matching and dispatching

Momentum is the platform that allows you to select and alarm the most suitable person for intervention in emergency situations.

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Tailor made

Momentum is an extremely flexible algorithm developed specifically for the management of crisis and emergency situations that can be customized and adapted according to the needs of the customer.

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Unique ecosystem

Momentum is an eco-system that allows you to manage missions, activities and critical communications, interacting with people, connected objects (iot) and applications, selecting and alarming the most suitable people and resources.

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High flexibility

Momentum is based on a modular approach, to provide customers with a scalable, high-performance and highly flexible solution that allows you to adapt the software to your needs and requirements

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Metodologia Agile

We work using the Scrum framework, which uses an iterative and incremental approach to optimize predictivity and control risk.

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A mobile app to save people's lives

The Ticino Heart Foundation has chosen to adopt the software of Momentum to manage and alert the groups of volunteer rescuers, engaged every day to rescue the victims affected by sudden cardiac arrest. In case of emergency, with the use of the mobile app of Momentum, the agency succeeds to quickly mobilize the First Responder and to reach so own objective: to increase the chances of survival of the victims in the Canton Ticino


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