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Momentum helps you optimize rescue operations and better manage your business. We create unique and tailor-made apps for our customers.
Read our case history and find how our customers are using Momentum in different industries for several different purposes.
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The management of volunteers during the emergency Covid-19 – Case Study in Arbedo Castione

The Municipality of Arbedo Castione relies on DOS Group and the Momentum app to coordinate and manage volunteers during the Covid-19 emergency.

Canton of Uri and Nidwalden choose Momentum

Even Canton Uri and Nidwaldo have decided to create a “First Responder System” and to adopt Momentum App for the management of cardiac arrest.

Canton Lucerne

Canton Lucerne chooses Momentum for the management of cardiac arrest cases.

Canton Solothurn

Canton Solothurn uses Momentum EMS for patients suffering cardiac arrest.

Federazione Cantonale Ticinese (FCTSA)

FCTSA uses Momentum Fleet Tracking for their ambulances.

Canton Basel

Canton Basel chooses Momentum for the management of cardiac arrest victims.

Canton Vaud

Canton Vaud's first responders are alerted via Momentum App.

Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC)

The Cantonal Hospital Authority (Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale – EOC).

Fondation Fribourg Cœur

Fribourg adopted Momentum to coordinate operations in the case of cardiac arrest.

Ticino Cuore Foundation

Mobile app and the web interface crafted for Ticino Cuore Foundation.

Three Italian regions

Three Italian regions have already chosen to integrate Momentum.


Thanks to the mobile app and the web interface crafted for the Canton Bern.

Ambulanz region Biel AG

To release its alarms, the Ambulanz Region Biel AG connected Momentum to the dispatch center.

What our clients say

«Thanks to the teamwork made with DOS Group, we now have a tailored tool that we didn’t even imagine could be so helpful for us and our network».- FONDAZIONE TICINO CUORE
«With Momentum we can now ensure faster and safer mobili- zing of the First Responder in case of medical emergencies».- KANTON BERN
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